Written in 2007

We all know that life is a learning process, but one thing that has taught me even more is love. It’s amazing how love is defined…what’s even more amazing is that we as humans think we can define it. I don’t believe that love is a fairytale or that it doesn’t exist. We only find those to be the only “logical ” explanations because we can’t face the truth that we are not capable of knowing what love is. Love, without a doubt exists!! But what I have learned is that, love is never the same. There is no protocol or hand book (although much money is made off of books that claim to know) there is no preparedness for how love will be for you. And so….we as humans have a rough time when we have nothing to compare what we are experiencing to. So we dream up this idea of how it will look, how it will feel, etc…and then we are greatly let down. The only thing is, the love that you have is far greater and amazing then you can even fathom! The key is to uncover what it is for you. That is where love is formed and strengthened…during those moments when you see that love is bigger then you are and love is not what you expected. And in my mind, that is where true love comes into play. I write this because I have found a man who has taught me more by his love then I have learned in 23 years. That love has allowed me to reflect on myself and see how I was selfish, how I was not caring enough, etc. It showed me that I wanted deep down inside to be a better person and that I wanted the best for the person I loved. Skeptical of me? Many are skeptical of love or of people really being in love…these are the ones who miss out on love. They’ve either got it mixed up with lust or infatuation, or they think that love is something that hurts them. Love does not cause harm. If we are to look at love from a spiritual outlook, then you see that God is love. Now you’d have to go in your mind and sort out what you think God is. God is undefinable. God is constant, yet ever-changing. God is full of compassion and sincerity, not anger and betrayal. So when I hear that “love hurts” I can honestly say that is not love. Love isn’t what movies or songs say, it’s not what your best friend or mother says it is…it is only made for you….customized lol. And love is what makes the world go round (as cliché as that sounds), because everyone needs love no matter who. And I have been blessed to find the one person who has given me that amazing gift.