In this ever changing world that we live in, are we finding that the friendships we once held so dear no longer hold as much importance? As young children, we were taught that making friends was a key implement to being successful in life. Sharing was caring and everyone was invited to the birthday parties. When did we start separating ourselves from those who we’d give our last cookie to? Is it safe to say that as our personalities developed and changed our grasp of relationships changed along with it?

Jump ahead to adulthood, friendships have all but disappeared. With the heavy burdens of careers, children and just the excuse of “life” happening-our human relationships have dissolved. How did we go from treasuring the moments spent with our buddies to barely recognizing them in passing? It seems we’ve only time for acquaintances, perhaps we’re just lazy. If we could simply take the time to reinstate our old friendships I believe we would live much happier lives.

Being a woman in her late 20’s and without children I’ve experienced the sudden “drop” of friendly interactions time and time again. I long for the closeness that is shared purely with friendships, it’s left quite a void. I don’t have a problem with people having kids, why do they have a problem that I don’t? What couldn’t I understand? Should I just accept these excuses as a sign of the times, or convince others I’m worth the time? Is there a way to have social interactions where a bar or club is not involved? What message do you think we are sending to the future generations?