I don’t know about you, but I feel that America is its own worst enemy. I am not taking any political sides, I’m just stating the sad facts that are in America’s history and future. I don’t understand that we are the “most powerful nation in the world”, and here we have homeless, uneducated, starving people. We turn our heads away from the basic problems that plague out everyday lives, like how children are abused,neglected,molested, etc….and then there are our elderly, who we could care less about. In other cultures, treating elderly the way we do would be an outrage, as it should be. We’re more concerned with locking up Martha Stewart then we are with locking up and keeping locked up, child molesters. How is this thought to be right??? It’s deeper then political things, we as basic Americans just don’t care enough to change anything ourselves, we leave it up to the government and then complain when it doesn’t go the way we wanted it to. It goes hand in hand with the “taking personal responsibility”, we have to start giving a damn, before it’s too late!! Our society is breeding immoral, incapable,illiterate fools..and this is what we want for our future? I find myself wanting more and more to get out of America….it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Once here in this “great land”, you lose your identity,traditions,cultures etc….sure its a melting pot..all melting into one single thing, not meshing with many things to create something with many different parts. Don’t talk to me about war…how you hate it, how you agree with it….no one loves war and no one gets anything good out of it. But I support the troops and their efforts, I think that they out of all of us want it over faster then anything. I stand by those who fight for the freedoms but I think these freedoms are vanishing by our own hands…..I talk to people from all over, traveled to places where the idea of America is a dream…but the reality is, the dream has ended and now we are just left with the thoughts of what you used to be of a great America. I think it’s gone past republican and democrat, it’s a deeper layer found in the people of America…and sadly, that’s the last place it should be.